Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gumdrop Wreath

Don't worry--this is not becoming a craft blog, mostly because crafts scare me. This was a craft almost entirely out of food though, so I decided to post it. I took the licorice gumdrops out of my wreath, but now I wish that I had left them in. Choose whatever colors you want for yours. I think this makes a pretty cute indoor Christmas wreath! Don't eat this "recipe" though--it's for decoration only.

Gumdrop Wreath
1 10" styrofoam wreath form
Packing tape
Wire for hanger
3 lbs gumdrops
Hot glue gun and glue
Spray sealant
Clear glitter

Wrap packing tape several times around the wreath at the top where the hanger will be. This is to keep the wire from cutting through the styrofoam. Twist the wire around the wreath and make a loop at the top to hang it with. Make sure it is heavy-duty wire because the wreath gets fairly heavy when completed.

Use hot glue to glue gumdrops in circular patterns until the entire wreath is covered. I dumped all the gumdrops in a big bowl, stirred them up, and grabbed them out at random.

Spray the wreath lightly with sealant and quickly add clear glitter. Repeat several times--allowing to dry between each layer. The glitter isn't all that noticeable at first, but it looks like sugar when it is dry and helps camoflauge the foam too.

When completely dry, use the wire loop to hang it on your door. Use ribbon to conceal the wire for a more visually-appealing hanger.


Denise said...

That is so adorable. I'll have to remember it for Christmas.